I love science fiction and fantasy books. I have read a lot of them but I will never be able to read enough of them. I dedicate this Website to some of the great science fiction and fantasy masters of the 20th century. Here is a quick introduction to the scifi and fantasy worlds I grew up reading.

Doctor Dolittle

The Doctor Dolittle stories followed the adventures of a doctor who learned to talk to animals. I always wanted to be able to speak with animals. They can be found in some of the coolest stories. I am sure animals would have some tales to tell if they could talk to us.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz fascinated me because he was a guy from our world who found himself in their world and he made his way to the top. Of course, the whole series of books was really about Dorothy Gale and her friends. The Wizard himself really wasn’t a very important character.

John Carter of Mars

John Carter was another guy from our world who made it big in their world. He was an immortal man who had lived in Virginia for 100 years and fought in the American Civil War. After the war he made his way out to the west and then “died” in a remote cave, but his spirit was transported to another world, Barsoom (which Edgar Rice Burroughs identified with Mars). On Barsoom John Carter came into his own, saving the world from self-destruction.

The Witch World

Andre Norton wrote over 100 novels. Many of those books were set in the famous Witch World, a place where magic and technology both work. The people of the Witch World are ancient and many of them came from other worlds, including our own. Andre Norton began writing the Witch World stories in the early 1960s and continued writing them almost until the end of her life in 2005. No other science fantasy series has had as much influence on science fiction and fantasy as this one.